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Supervised Students

Title of the Ph. D. Thesis Supervised

1. Studies of Elimination and substitution reactions of tertiary alcohols with triphenylphosphine, polystyryl diphenylphosphine and (-)-menthol diphenylphosphine, Faghihi K., Fall, 1999.

2. The synthesis of the new aryloxyimidoyl azides, imidoyl-N-2amino-1,4-dioxane and their Dynamic NMR studies, Modarresi-Alam, A.R., Fall, 1999.

3. Kinetics and Mechanism of the Equilibria of the N-Alkylcarboxylate-5-aryloxy Tetrazoles and Aryloxytetrazole-Azoic Dyes and New Acrylamide Derivative: Synthesis, Free Radical Polymerization, Reactivity Ratios and Q and e Values, Yagoub Mansoori, Fall, 2000.

4. New Applications NMR and X-ray investigation of the structure of Aryloxy tetrazoles and Binaphthyl Hydrogen Phosphonate, Nader Noroozi-Pesyan, spring, 2004.

5. BINOL-aryloxy tetrazoles as Chiral Pool in Asymmetric Synthesis; DFT Computational analysis of Anomeric Effect and Binaphtyl-Bistrazoles, Alireza Najafi, Fall, 2005.

6. Synthesis, Reactions, Quantum Chemical Study and Structure of Azo dyes and Triazenes Containing sulfonyl azides or Sulfonyl Amides, Abbass Timouri, 2006.

7. Investigation of the influence of organic acids and/or bases on morphology of aluminananostructures and Quantum chemical conformational analysis, structure, NMR  and hydrogen bonding of hydrazinoturns and Studies of tautomerism, effect of solvent and substitution of triazole derivatives, Elham Rasty, 2011.

8. Quantum chemical study of group III oxides nanocapsuls for gas storage and influence of diketene on modification of metanol to gasoline conversion over zeolite ZSM-5 and its mechanism, Mehdi Zamani, 2013.

9. Degradation of vitamin C in the presence of water and ZnO nanoparticles and computational study of isomerization, Fatemeh Azami, 2014.

10. Synthesis, characterization, application and theoretical investigations of alumina/boria nanocomposites and borazine-melamine polymer for hydrogen storage, Maryam Shahraki, 2014.


Title of the Ms. Thesis Supervised

1. Synthesis, stability and equilibria studies of N’-(p-toluenesulfonyl) (aryloxy) carbimidoyl azides, Gahelle S., Aban, 1994.

2. Synthesis, stability-equilibria studies and thermal decomposition of N’-acyl-5-aryloxy tetrazoles, Karmzadeh, R., Farvardin, 1995.

3. Synthesis of new copolymers, Mohamade varzeneh, F., Aban, 1995.

4. Isotope effect and kinetic studies of elimination reaction of tertiary alcohols over aluminum oxide, mohamed Salehi, J., fall, 1998.

5. Tetrazoles rearrangements and functionalization of imines by imidoyl nitrenes, Jafary Boeine, F., Summer, 1999.

6. Functionalization of furans ring by imidoyl nitrene, Bazriz, S., Spring, 2000.

7. Asymmetric synthesis of dioxane ring by imidoyl nitrene, conformational analysis of adduct and nucleophilic substitution of chiral imidoyl nitrene, Hoseiny, S.M., Fall, 2000.

8. Preparation of Fischer-Tropsch Catalysts for the synthesis of light gasoline, M.S., Taymori A., Fall, 2001.

9. X-Ray analysis of the Structure and Dehydration of Alcohols over the Mixture of Aluminum Oxide and Thorium Oxide, Yalfany M.S., Fall, 2001.

10. Synthesis and Investigations of Alfa and Beta Binaphthoxy tetrazoles, Sodabeh BaniBirami, spring, 2002.

11. Swern Reactions, Optimization, hydrolysis of Aryloxy tetrazoles and Synthesis of New derivative of Salicylic acids, Ali Bagheri, Fall, 2004.

12. Synthesis, Mechanism and Quantum Chemical Studies of New Derivatives of Methyl Salicylate, Sepideh Ziaee, 2007.

13. Evaluation of pressure and temperature effect on alumina’s straucture: SEM, XRD, FT-IR, Thermal Analysis, and study of elimination of secondary and tertiary alcohols. Taban, Kayvan, 2007.

14. Synthesis, Dynamic NMR, quantum chemical studies and Conformational analysis of (4-(sulfonyl azide) phenyl)-1-azide and Products of the Reaction with Norbornene, Maryan Rezvan. 2008.

15. XRD, SEM and Quantum Chemistry Studies of Structure, Reactivity and Stereo Selectivity of Mixed Alumina/Zirconia, Mehdi Zamani, 2008.

16. Catalyst Promoted Synthesis of New Derivatives of Salicylic Acid from Dimethoxy benzenes and Their Theoretical Calculations and Quantum Chemical Study of Equilibria of the 5-Methoxy-1,2- Substituted Tetrazoles and Imidoyl Azides, Maryam Shahraki, 2008.

17. Preparation, structure analysis (XRD, SEM, BET, FT-IR), reactivity and selectivity of mixed Alumina with H2SO4, HNO3 or NaNO2 and Ab initio, MP2, DFT investigation of Anomeric Effect and Non-bonding interactions of Cyclohexane and 1,4-Dioxane derivatives, Marziye Naderi Beni, 2008.

18, Catalyst promoted synthesis of salicylic acid from anisole and Quantum chemical study of new derivative of salicylic acid and methyl benzoates, Rzvan Shiasi, 2009.

19. Investigation of environmental effect on mixed oxides of iron and alumina performance in dehydration reaction of secondary and tertiary alcohols, Mohammad Yousefi Ghasabeh, 2009.

20. Investigation of temperature, air and nitrogen atmosphere effect on mixed oxides of nickel and alumina performance in dehydration reaction of secondary and tertiary alcohols, Mohammad Toulabi, 2012.

21. Synthesis of New Derivatives of Ortho Acetaminophen, Ionic Liquid Promoted On it , Methylation of Anisole And Quantum Chemical Study With Conformational Analysis of Di-Amino, Di-Nitro and Amino-Nitro Ethane, Rezvan Ghadiri,  2011.

22. Synthesis of New Derivatives of Acetaminophen, Ionic Liquid Promoted Acylation of anisolee And Quantum Chemical Study With Conformational Analysis of Di-hydroxy, Di-thiol and si-silyl Ethane, Mahta Mousavi2011.

23. Synthesis of di-salicylates, evaluation of Catalyst effect and ionic liquid on alkylation and acylation of hydroquinone and Quantum chemical study of phenyl sulfonyl azide, phenyl sulfonyl nitrene and the Mechanism of their reaction, Maryam Balanian, 2012.

23. Synthesis of di-salicylates, evaluation of catalyst effect and ionic liquid on alkylation and acylation of dimethoxy benzene and quantum chemical study of the 18-member ring dimmers, Shirin Shabani, 2012.

24. Quantum chemical study of g-Alumina surface, Freshteh Shangy, 2012.

25.  Effect of vacuum and nitrogen atmosphere on Al2O3-Ni-Co strucrure, reactivity and selectivity of amination of ethanol and dehydration of 1-octanol and FFT study of 100 surface Al2O3-Ni-Co structure with adsorbed ethanol , Hossein Morthagi, 2012.

26. Synthesis and characterization of mixed g-alumina-BIBOL, dehydration of alcohol and DFT calculation of BINOL over g-alumina (100) and (110) surfaces, Mehdi Reiesi-Hasani, 2013.


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